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Volunteer Hose Company
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Horton Ambulance - B-1

B-1 is the newest Horton ambulance to the fleet and is housed at Station 1. This was the fourth unit purchased from VCI with minimal upgrades since the initial unit (B-27) was purchased back in 1999.

Ward LaFrance - Retired 27-3

1977 Ward LaFrance 1250 gpm pump 1000 gallon tank Purchased new for $91,000. This was the last Ward LaFrance purchased by Volunteer Hose. The company went out of business a few years later.

Ward LaFrance - Retired 27-5

1973 Ward LaFrance 1250 gpm pump 1000 gallon tank This was Middletown's first engine that was delivered with the yellow paint. Purchased new for $62,000

Ford 350 - 1-0

This unit was originally designated as 27-0, but was renumbered when it was assigned to station 1.

Horton Ambulance - A-1

A-1 is the second Horton ambulance purchased by the Volunteer Hose Company. It was originally designated as A-27, but was renumbered when it was assigned to the newly opened Station 1. It remained in service there until B-1 was purchased. It has kept its Station 1 identifier despite being rotated for use at station 27.

Horton Ambulance - A-27

A-27 was the third Horton ambulance purchased by the Volunteer Hose Company and has been housed at Station 27 since it went into service.

Horton Ambulance - B-27

B-27 was the first Horton ambulance owned by the Volunteer Hose Company. Its radio designation has remained constant since it was placed in service.

Pierce Arrow XT Mid-Mount Tower Ladder - Tower 27

Tower 27 is a 95' mid-mount tower ladder with a 1500gpm pump and 300 gallon water tank. The apparatus has 2 - 1 3/4" pre-connect hand lines at 200' each, plus a 2 1/2" pre-connect with 150' of line. There is 800' of 5" supply line and a large assortment of truck company tools and rope rescue and EMS equipment.

16' War Eagle - 27-Marine 2

27-Marine-2 is a 2004 War Eagle boat with a 25hp Yamaha outboard motor.

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