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DIAL 9 - 1 - 1
Volunteer Hose Company
of Middletown
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Chevy Pick-Up - Utility 1

Utility 1 is primarily used for medical assists and other fire related duties. It was orignally designated as Utility 27, but was renumbered when it was assigned to the newly opened station 1.

Ford Pick-Up - Utility 27

Utility 27 is primarily used for responses involving the boat and air unit.

Mobile Air Unit - Air-27

Air 27 is a mobile cascade trailer capable of supplying multiple types of breathing apparatus.

Ford F550 - 27-1

27-1 is a 2007 Ford 550 with a Pierce mini-pumper body, designed to accomodate the coming growth and multiple parking garages planned for the community. The apparatus is set up with a basic compliment of Holmatro Core rescue equipment for a quick response vehicle for MVC's, as well as miscellaneous firefighting tools for wildland firefighting as well.

International - 1-3

Engine 1-3 is an all-wheel drive vehicle primarily designed for off road fires. The unit has a 1250 GPM mid-ship pump and has pump and roll capability, with a 500 gallon water tank. It was originally designated as 27-2, but was renumbered when it was assigned to the newly opened station 1.

Pierce Dash - Rescue 27

Rescue 27 is a Pierce heavy duty rescue pumper with a full compliment of Holmatro rescue equipment, cribbing, air bags and rescue jacks. The apparatus also carries firefighting, forcible entry and ventillation equipment, along with a on board cascade system and telescoping light tower. The apparatus has a 750 gallon water tank along with a 30 gallon foam cell with the Pierce Husky foam system. The unit carries 1000' of 5" supply line along with multiple 1 3/4" hand lines and a 2 1/2" blitz line.

Pierce Arrow - 27-3

Engine 27-3 is a 1986 Pierce Arrow and has a 1250 gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank. It has a foam system and was originally designated as 27-6 because it served as the Volunteer Hose Company's first rescue pumper from 1986 until 1997.

Pierce Lance - 1-7

1-7 is a 75' quint that has a 400 gallon water tank with a 1500gpm pump. The apparatus carries an assortment of truck company equipment as well as a compliment of special rescue tools. When originally purchased, 1-7 ran as Ladder 27 until the new tower was purchased, when it was re-assigned to station 1 to balance the ladder compliment in our fire district.

Pierce Lance - Retired Rescue 1

Rescue 1 has a 1500gpm pump supplied by a 1000 gallon water tank. The apparatus has a full compliment of Holmatro rescue tools, cribbing and firefighting equipment. The unit is also set up with a basic rope compliment and water rescue equipment to assist with various emergencies. The unit was originally designated as an engine (27-4) and was later changed to Rescue 27 in 1997. It served in that capacity until the new Rescue 27 went into service.

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