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New Walmart nearly finished - Middletown

Thursday, September 3, 2015
This article is for our neighboring departments that may respond to the Middletown Walmart for calls. The building has many features designed to assist us in suppressing fire. The building is fully sprinklered and alarmed. The fire alarm system is located near the front of the store in the customer service area. The fire department connection is located on side A near the garden center. There are vents on the roof that can be opened from both inside and outside. The roof has a large parapet all the way around, but may be accessed on side C near the B/C corner. There is a roof access inside the warehouse section in the rear of the store. There are standpipes located throughout the store. The 301 entrance is open, so the store no longer has to be accessed via Bunker Hill Road.

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Vents open by pulling red handles
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Reaching for interior roof vent latch
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Height of parapet near the front of the store
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Large fan in garden center
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Inside view of roof vent
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