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L3: Aircraft Emergency - 1499 Lorewood Grove Road

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Friday evening, April 2nd at 18:41hrs, Stations 1&27, Stations 4&24 for a Rescue and Tanker, Station 29 for an Engine, NCC Medic 5A and Trooper 4 were alerted for a aircraft emergency in the area of 1499 Lorewood Grove Road. Rescue 27 arrived moments after dispatch and advised of a small, single engine plane down in a wooded area. The two occupants of the plane were trapped in the wreckage, which was supported in the air by overhead power lines. Once power was confirmed to be disabled, crews from all responding units assisted with removal of the occupants from the plane. Low pressure air bags and jacks were used to support the plane during extrication. It took crews 20 minutes to get the plane stabilized and the occupants removed from the wreckage. Both occupants were transported to Christiana Hospital. The incident is under investigation with the DSP, FAA and NTSB. Further information can be obtained through the Delaware State Police. Units or agencies responding to and assisting to this incident: Deputy 27, Rescue 27, Rescue 1, 27-1, 1-0, A-1, B-1, B-27. Rescue 24, Tanker 24, 4-6, A-24, 29-4, NCC Medic 5A, NCC Medic 6A, EMS-3, ALS-17, ALS-24, DNREC, Trooper 4, DSP, FAA, NTSB.

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